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    CCW Class Information



    You read that right, I will now come to you and teach my Arizona multi-state CCW permit class in your home, hotel/motel room or place of business! I do not have regularly scheduled classes anymore. You pick the date and time and I will bring everything needed to put on a class for a minimum of four people ($200), and maximum of twelve. The location must be within 25 miles of Fort Mohave, Arizona. This 25 mile radius includes all of Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley, Oatman, Topock, Golden Shores, Needles, CA and Laughlin, NV.

    NOTE: This class is NOT for beginners, it is an advanced class for those who already know how to safely manipulate and fire a handgun. If you have never fired a gun before, you must take a basic firearms safety or pistol course before attending my class. Contact me by phone at (928) 768-5397 or (928) 234-3801, I will be happy to schedule some basic instruction before you take the CCW class.

    Class fee includes:

    Arizona CCW Permit application
    Pre-addressed envelope
    Two Arizona fingerprint cards
    Certificate of Completion
    Relevant Arizona Revised Statutes and all other classroom training materials

    $50.00 per person!
    (Does not include the $60.00 state filing fee)

    Call (928) 768-5397 or (928) 234-3801 to schedule a class.

    Bullhead City, Arizona, is located about 250 miles north-west of Phoenix, at the intersection of the California, Nevada and Arizona State lines.

    Arizona discreet carry (CCW) permits are currently valid in 36 states!

    and...Arizona recognizes all state issued discrete carry (CCW) permits...

    The following topics are covered in the class:

    • Legal issues relating to the use of deadly force
    • Judgmental shooting
    • Mental conditioning for the use of deadly force
    • Safe handling and storage of firearms
    • Weapon care and maintenance
    • Weapon manipulation and marksmanship
    • State-to-State CCW Reciprocity and Recognition