Reciprocity and Recognition

    The State of Arizona recognizes all other state issued ccw permits so long as:

    1. The permit or license is recognized as valid in the issuing state.
    2. The permit or license holder is all of the following:
      (a). Legally present in Arizona.
      (b). Not legally prohibited from possessing a firearm in Arizona.

    Some states require a written "Reciprocity" agreement before they will honor another states' CCW permit. The Arizona Department of Public Safety will sign reciprocity agreements with other states to establish a mutual permit or license recognition. Arizona CCW Permit holders that would like to carry using thier permit while visiting other states are responsible for contacting that state to ensure reciprocity!

     Arizona currently has written "reciprocity" with the following eight states:

    Alaska - Arkansas - Idaho - Ohio - Pennsylvania - South Dakota - Texas - West Virginia

    The above states have an active CCW reciprocity agreement on file with the State of Arizona. This means that an Arizona CCW permit holder can carry a concealed handgun in the above states, and Arizona will reciprocate and allow concealed carry with permits issued by those states, so long as the person carrying the weapon is NOT a resident of Arizona (Arizona residents are required to possess a valid AZ CCW permit) and not barred from possessing a firearm in the State of Arizona.

    If you have an Arizona CCW permit and you travel through any state not listed above with a concealed weapon in your vehicle or on your person, you travel with the risk of incarceration! Always call ahead and ask the state Department of Public Safety, State Police or Highway Patrol if they will honor your CCW permit.

    Important notes:

    It is extremely important that all concealed weapon permit holders be aware of the CCW requirements and laws of all reciprocating/recognized states. A state issued CCW permit does not supersede any other state law or CCW requirement. Legal conduct with an Arizona CCW permit in the State of Arizona, may not be legal in another state. For instance, the Arizona CCW permit allows the carrying of ANY concealable weapon, not just a firearm, so a permit holder can carry a large concealable knife (blade longer than 4") but in some states this may illegal. (Check ARKANSAS...)

    Click here to see a chart with current state-by-state reciprocity information...