How to renew an Arizona CCW permit

You may apply to renew a CCW permit up to 90 days prior to the expiration date on your permit. You also have up to 60 days after your CCW permit expires with which you can renew your permit without penalty, but you cannot exercise the benefits of the CCW permit until the new one arrives. If you wait beyond the 60 day grace period allowed by law you will be required to submit a new application. Be advised that it could take several days or even a week before renewal applications are processed once they are received by DPS. So if you wait until day 50 to mail off your renewal, it may be too late.

NOTE: The Arizona Department of Public Safety NO LONGER sends out CCW renewal packets automatically. It is now up to the CCW permit holder to remember when their permit expires and submit a renewal application before that date or no later than 60 days after expiration. To get a renewal application, call the DPS Handgun Clearance Center at (800) 256-6280 and ask them to send you a renewal packet. You can also download and print the renewal application directly from their web site by clicking here. Arizona CCW permits are now valid for five years. To renew your permit simply send in a completed renewal application and a $43.00 cashiers check or money order before the 60 day grace period has expired. There is NO CLASSROOM OR FINGERPRINTING requirement to renew an Arizona CCW permit.