Constitutional Carry

It is ILLEGAL for any person to carry concealed in Bars or Restaurants that serve alcohol or all Federal Gun Free School Zones unless that person possesses a valid CCW permit from the State they live in. Arizona's Constitutional Carry right is not recognized by any other state or tribal entity. Also, without a CCW permit you will be subjected to the NICS background check before you can take your new gun home.

So, to review, CCW permit holders...

...can carry concealed weapons into Bars and Restaurants that serve alcohol, so long as they do not drink and the establishment doesn't prohibit entry with a firearm

...can carry concealed weapons through Federal Gun Free School Zones

...can carry in many other states and National Parks (currently 36 states, see state-to-state reciprocity)

...are exempt from the NICS background check anytime they purchase a gun from licensed gun dealer

CCW permit holders are generally more educated than the general public about criminal and civil laws and procedures, and the responsibility of carrying a weapon for self-defense. Do yourself and everyone else around you a favor, take the class and get the permit. It's the smart and safe thing to do.