The Second Amendment guarantees the people the right to bear arms, that includes getting a CCW or CWP or handgun permit

Partners in fighting crime. Get your Arizona multi-state ccw permit, or cwp, to carry a concealed weapon in Arizona and 35 other states

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This CCW class is taught by a security professional with 26 years of experience as an NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol and Personal Protection instructor; and eight years training and serving with law NRA Instructor Vic Szilard demostrating an Isosceles shooting stanceenforcement as a volunteer Deputy Sheriff. Since 1994, NRA Instructor Vic Szilard has taught over 6000 law-abiding individuals how to carry a gun for self-defense, discretely, safely, and within the law. His CCW training program conforms with ARS 13-3112.E and is therefore recognized by the Arizona Department of Public Safety which administrates the CCW permit program. Once you have completed this class you can apply for and receive your CCW permit from the State of here for more info on the instructor and ccw in general...


The Arizona permit is currently recognized by 36 states! Click here for the most current list.

The class includes all necessary materials, official DPS CCW application, fingerprinting and Certificate of Completion. There is NO RANGE TIME required to qualify for the CCW permit. However, persons who are unfamiliar with firearms are encouraged to take a basic firearms safety course prior to taking this CCW class. The instructor is available for basic firearms safety and handgun training prior to taking the CCW class. Please contact him via phone or email (see below) for more information or to schedule some training.

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 CCW, which stands for Carry Concealed Weapon or Concealed Carry Weapon is also commonly referred to in these other terms: CWP, Concealed Weapon Permit, gun license, gun permit, handgun permit, concealed carry, discreet carry, pistol permit.